A simple but powerful way to heal and feel better! These little round patches stick on acupuncture points to stimulate healing. With the power of phototherapy, they reflect back the light and heat that is coming from your own body back into your body which creates a powerful healing effect much like how the sun on your skin stimulates your body to create Vitamin D! Soothing is being put in to your body. It’s just a beautiful way to reinforce your body’s very own healing power!


This is for you if you are:

- looking for a way to shift pain, energy and mood quickly for the better, just like
acupuncture would
- wanting to help and heal yourself and your children from home for everything from

  • injuries to nausea and digestive disorders,

  • headaches to chronic health challenges,

  • PMS to insomnia,

  • anxiety/depression to fatigue

  • and MORE

- wanting to help your pets heal and feel better too!
- hoping to experience the same benefits of acupuncture without needles
- wanting to have a first-aid kit to take with you to use anywhere, anytime for you and your children
- wanting an acupuncture-like treatment that lasts beyond a typical appointment. Unlike a clinic appointment where needles have to come out after 30-45 minutes, these
patches can stay on anywhere from 12 to 48 hours!
And if you would like guidance on using the patches, I offer:
15 minute consults for $45








If you are new to a way to health without supplements, drugs, chemicals, oils, creams and a drastic
change in diet and lifestyle, welcome to Lifewave patches. Lifewave have a series of stick-on patches
that contain information stored in liquid crystalline structures that send bio molecular signals to the
body to increase antioxidants, reduce pain, repair tissue, detoxify, reduce inflammation and stress, as
well as increase energy. The patches are TGA approved, safe with no side effects. No chemicals enter the bloodstream. Think of a TENs machine with no wires, batteries or circuitry which signals the body to do something.


The patches work on the bio-electric and meridian system of the body. They are medical devices that talk to the body's electrical system. They are designed to bring Qi energy through to the organ when used on acupuncture points- and even when not on specific points- they send a nutritive signal telling
the body to elevate specific healing peptides and antioxidants that we need to good health and wellbeing.There are no chemicals in the patch, nor do anything enter the bloodstream.


The patches contain liquid crystals embedded with light/sound which create specific biosignals that modulate the body’s natural
magnetic field in order to enhance certain specific biological reactions that are already naturally taking place. In particular LifeWave™ patches are designed to improve energy production from fats and increase stamina by utilizing valid but little known physical principles


Disclaimer: I make no medical claims about LifeWave products. No intent is made to mislead the reader into believing that LifeWave patches can cure or treat any disease. Coincidental changes that may occur are always as a result of assisting the body! Protocols recommended are recommendations only and are not a substitute for medical treatment. Please do so at your own risk. See your doctor before starting any new health program including the LifeWave patches (hint-look for an integrative doctor!). Personal testimonies do not constitute medical advice.

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