Crepes You’ll Never Forget

Active time: 10 min Cooking time: 20 min Servings: 20 Total time: 30 min


Unlike some keto and paleo Crepes, these hold together much well. And they taste great! Because they are light but still filling you can have these for breakfast, lunch and dinner and you’ll never get sick of them.

Ingredients: Instructions:

½ a cup tapioca flour 1 Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl.

½ a cup cassava 2 Get a small pan and put it on the stove

1 teaspoon salt at medium high heat.

6 eggs 3 Put some coconut oil in the pan to melt.

2 teaspoon vanilla 4 When the pan is hot enough, you put

2 tablespoon butter a drop of batter in - it should sizzle.

5 Put a 1/4 a cup of batter in the pan and

spread it so that it covers the bottom of the pan.

6 Cook until it no longer sticks to the pan.Use a spatula to flip

the crepe on the other side.

7 When it is cooked on both sides, take it out of the

pan and repeat for the rest of the batter.

8 When they are done, you can fill them with almost

anything. Some suggestions are strawberries,

apple sauce, blueberries or whipped cream.

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